Sunday, November 8, 2009

Finally An Update!

It's about time my Mommy finally updates my blog. Here are a few pictures of me crawling, sitting up, and just cute lil pics. Daddy and Mommy cant believe how fast I've grown. They say my sister were little for ever and I'm huge. Who cares if I weigh over 20 lbs at 7 months? I am a little boy and some day I'll be a big man like Daddy. My sissy and daddy always sing a song to me. Part of the words are... Buddy your a boy making big noise playing in the street gonna be a big man some day... I LOVE when they sing this to me. I giggle and squirm every time I hear it.
My little Cleft is much better and it is starting to relax some. Mommy has to massage it every day. I like having my massages because mommy doesn't stop at just my lip, she goes to my back, neck, arms, legs and feet. I'm one lucky lil man.
I hope you enjoy my pictures and I'll try to stay out of things so mommy can have more time to update. In the mean time, I enjoy showing her how much energy little boys have HAHA.

Friday, August 28, 2009

1 Month Post-Op

Has it really been a month? Beaudrick is doing GREAT! He looks and acts incredible. My fussy lil' man has turned into a happy lil' man. Beau wakes up in the morning cooing and playing. Not sure what got into him, but we love it. He loves to talk, smile and laugh. Every time I see his smile, it melts my heart. I still cant believe I have a son. WOW! I'm so in love.
We are still waiting for Beaus muscle to relax

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Long Awaited Update

This Picture was taken 3 weeks to the day after the surgery. Beau is healing quite well. In my last post I had mentioned we would be seeing Dr. Wong for Beaus 9 day post-op. We brought a few concerns up with Dr. Wong and he assured us Beau was healing EXACTLY the way he wanted him too.
One concern of ours was, if you look closely at Beaus upper lip, you will see how the muscle is hard and drawn up, pulling part of the lip with it. I thought maybe a stitch was pulled to tight causing it to look this way. Dr. Wong explained how he performed the surgery and what he was trying to accomplish. Under the nose there is two lines that go down to the lip. Beaudrick was fortunate enough to have enough muscle tissue to make his second line. Since the muscle was disturbed, it tightened up leaving the appearance of a red bump. The lip is also pulled tight due to that same tight muscle. Once the muscle relaxes (in up to 4 months) the lip with drop into a perfect "cupids bow". Dr. Wong told us he would look perfect with just a thin (if even noticeable)scar. Of course we thought he was perfect even before his surgery. Dr. Wong also told us to stop stressing and just wait for the end results. In the meantime, Beaudrick eats far better then ever. He is less gassy and a much happier baby. We're enjoying falling in love all over again.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

9 Days post-op

Here I am just 9 days after my surgery. Looking better and feeling great.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

5 days post-op

Beaudrick is doing very well. He is now off his pain meds and is back to his normal self minus the fussiness. Today he is running a small temp and is a little red at the top of his lip. To all my cleft friends, did your babies do this too? He does have a Dr. Appointment in the morning. I pray all is well. I still miss his cleft, but am starting to love his cute new look. Sorry for the delayed post. I have been quite busy with the Lil Man. I'll let you all know what the Dr. says in the morning. Until then, Please help us pray he is ok.

4 days post-op

Please Excuse the lighting on this picture.

72 hours post-op

48 hours post-op

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

24 Hours Post-Op

Beaudrick did really well last night. At about 3am I heard him cry and went to pick him up, I was terrified to see he had worked his arm restraints off and was trying to roll over onto his belly. He was rubbing his mouth and nose against his blankets. After I removed him from his bed, changed and feed him, and gave him his pain meds, I laid him back down, but could not sleep in fear of him scratching himself.
Yesterday as we walked through the door to our home, the girls ooohhh and aaawww'd him. Then Alaena made the comment "He looks like a different Beaudrick, He doesn't even look like the other Beaudrick" This is true. I just stair at him in wonder, wondering what my Lil Man will look like a few weeks from now. I guess only time will tell.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Waitng For Surgery

Here I am waiting for surgery. Mema, Mar, Auntie Rahni, Auntie Darcie,Daddy and Mommy were all there for me. Because I had to fast before my surgery, I was very hungary. I was crying and screaming for food. Daddy, Mommy and Mar prayed Jesus would fill my tummy, and I stopped crying, went to sleep, then woke up full of smiles and laughs. Every one in pre op was amazed how happy I was. Thank you Jesus. You heard our prayes again. The picture of Daddy and Dr. Wong, was because Dr. Wong wanted a picture of my smiles even though I was hungry. Amazing!!!

The New Me

Here I am after surgery. I did very well, and Dr. Granger Wong is AMAZING!!!! My cut is so small and looks great. I'm a little swollen but this will get better in a few days. Dr. Wong repaired my cleft lip, and did a nasal repair to match my other nostril. I'm still sore, but know this too will get better. Mommy says I look like a big boy now. I cant wait to show her my new big boy smile.
Since I've been home, I've had 5 visitors and plan to have a few more over the next few days. Thank you all for your love and support. You are the greatest friends ever. Thank you to all the ministry of TRC. Your prayers helped Me, Daddy and Mommy. We love you all. Your the GREATEST!!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

More Plane Pictures

of my sissy's and London

Finally a picture of me on the plane, and a cute picture

PEAK and Grandpa's Tractor

I flew with Raya, Hunter and Mommy to Tulsa OK. Mommy and the girls laughed a lot. Even on the plane they were laughing so hard, people kept starring at us. They tried to take a few pictures and kept cutting my head off, so mommy finally decided to stay out of the pictures and took some pictures of just me and the girls. While in Tulsa, I went to church every night. Mommy said it was really good, but it hurts my ears, and I prefer the foyer. Maybe when I'm bigger, I will enjoy it more. I did however enjoy going to GG's and Great Grandpa's. I got to sit on the same tractor as mommy did when she was little. Grandpa owns over 100 acers. I cant wait until I'm big enough to run around and "explore" the land. Here are some pictures of me on the plane, and on the tractor.

Holding My Thumb

As I mentioned before, Beaudrick loves to hold my thumb while eating. As I sat here feeding him, I had to take a picture of how he eats. Oh how will he eat the next two weeks without holding my thumb? Ok, time for another meltdown.

Sweet Baby Boy

A few more pix

More Pictures

Here are a few more pictures of the Lil Dude

17 Hours To Go

Less then 17 hours until surgery. Beaudrick has remained healthy and is physically able to have his surgery. I have very mixed emotions about his surgery. We cant wait to get past this part of his little journey, but will desperately miss his "wide smile". Today Scott Andrew Photography took some of the most amazing pictures of our Lil Man. I took a few pictures myself, seeing that this is the last day of Beaudricks first look.
Dr. Granger Wong (Beaudricks plastic surgeon) explained to me, that Beaudrick will still be cute, just a whole new different kind of cute. As a mom, I dread seeing the Lil' Man go through this surgery. I cant handle the sight of blood, or see my babies in pain. To see both is already breaking my heart. Beaudrick is such a happy baby, and he LOVES his hands. I have no idea how we will keep him happy in his little arm restraints. Every time I feed Beaudrick, he holds on to my thumb, while I hold his bottle. I will miss this, but know it is only temporary. Please help us pray God keeps him safe during surgery and gives him an easy recovery. I will try to post updates as I get moments of spare time (which is not often). Until then, here are a few pictures of our perfect Lil Man.