Sunday, August 2, 2009

5 days post-op

Beaudrick is doing very well. He is now off his pain meds and is back to his normal self minus the fussiness. Today he is running a small temp and is a little red at the top of his lip. To all my cleft friends, did your babies do this too? He does have a Dr. Appointment in the morning. I pray all is well. I still miss his cleft, but am starting to love his cute new look. Sorry for the delayed post. I have been quite busy with the Lil Man. I'll let you all know what the Dr. says in the morning. Until then, Please help us pray he is ok.


  1. If I remember correctly (and Aiden's was exactly 10 months ago yesterday) there was some increased redness after a few days post op. I will have to go look through pics to make sure. Glad you have an appointment tomorrow so you can put your mind at ease. He is looking great and I am sure that now that he is off the pain meds he will be back to his fun self very soon. Keep up the good work Mama, it is not easy!

  2. I just had to go look back at the pictures and YES, Aiden's looked crazy on day 5 post op. Really try to keep up on the cleaning as much as he will tolerate. I remember that Aiden's got too 'crusty' and was not fun cleaning once it built up (he had nasal stints in his nose that made it harder).