Sunday, November 8, 2009

Finally An Update!

It's about time my Mommy finally updates my blog. Here are a few pictures of me crawling, sitting up, and just cute lil pics. Daddy and Mommy cant believe how fast I've grown. They say my sister were little for ever and I'm huge. Who cares if I weigh over 20 lbs at 7 months? I am a little boy and some day I'll be a big man like Daddy. My sissy and daddy always sing a song to me. Part of the words are... Buddy your a boy making big noise playing in the street gonna be a big man some day... I LOVE when they sing this to me. I giggle and squirm every time I hear it.
My little Cleft is much better and it is starting to relax some. Mommy has to massage it every day. I like having my massages because mommy doesn't stop at just my lip, she goes to my back, neck, arms, legs and feet. I'm one lucky lil man.
I hope you enjoy my pictures and I'll try to stay out of things so mommy can have more time to update. In the mean time, I enjoy showing her how much energy little boys have HAHA.


  1. Love all the pictures, and that second one where he is doing a push-up is adorable! Glad to hear he is doing great. He looks great!! Aiden never adapted to the massage and eventually we gave up because the screaming and getting him all worked up was not worth it in the end. Some people suggested doing it while he slept. That never worked, he just woke up screaming and then wouldn't go back to sleep. Hope you have a blessed week and thanks for posting updated pics. :)

  2. Shawna! He is so adorable! What a blessing from God!!! We love you guys!!!! God Bless!